Syrup is a social design studio. 

Established in 2016, we create projects, exhibitions and experiences with people and about places, focusing on how we can collaborate.

We make research and heritage accessible using story telling, co-design and technology. Our work is inclusive and interactive.

We also produce a publication that explores the crossover between intersectional feminism and creative practices. 


Clients & Project Partners
Eastside Educational Trust // University College London [UCL] // Live Cinema UK // Tate Exchange // The People’s History Musuem, Manchester // Southwark Heritage Centre & Walworth Library // London College of Communication [UAL] // Science Gallery London

Magazine Stockists
Tate Modern // The ICA Bookshop // Rizzoli Bookshop @ Somerset House // Housmans // The Feminist Library // Libreria // Magma // Banner Repeater // Magazine Brighton // do you read me!?, [Berlin]. 

Syrup 2022