Syrup is a social design and engagement platform

Designing Protest

The People’s History Museum, Manchester

A radical late for the People’s History Museum exploring protest in all its forms.

The event showcased projects and celebrated designers and artists who are using their creativity, energy and passion to make their voice heard and create platforms for others.

Featuring workshops, spoken word, film screenings and exhibitions and installations. Get inspired, connect with people, and learn how to use your skills and passions to take ACTION.

Workshops / Spoken Word / Films / Exhibition / Installation


Oliver Halstead

Sadness is a no gO-Zone | Exhibition

Future Prompts | Projection Installation
Adam Griffiths
@ra_bear / @transient_space

Voiced | Sound Installation

This Garden of Ours | Workshop
Jessica El 

Easy Peel Studio

Film Screenings
Alice Russel: Agents of Change
Justyna Kabala: Night Shifts
Emily Briselden-Waters & Bella Riza : Patricia
Oliver Halstead: This Garden of Ours


Syrup Magazine 2020

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