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Palestinian Activism, Western Feminism and Borders

Shahd Abusalama in conversation with Sara Jafari
Issue Two

Shahd Abusalama is a Palestinian feminist writer, activist, artist and journalist born and raised in Jabalia Refugee Camp, Gaza, and currently based in London. Shahd uses her passion for writing and artivism to campaign for justice for Palestine, and refugee rights. Her blog, ‘Palestine from My Eyes’ is widely read and was published as a book.

Shahd spoke to Sara Jafari about activism, misconceptions, and her experience of border crossings for the borders issue.

“I always say I am a Palestinian woman,  no more or less. And some people assume that I am a Muslim, which for me is an indication of ignorance, because they are presuming that all Palestinians are Muslims.

We have Christians in Palestine, we also have a minority of Jews. And I think as a political activist it is very important to clarify that Palestinians are fighting an anti-colonial struggle, and our fight for justice shouldn’t be defined in religious terms.”


Stella Malfilâtre

Shahd Abusalama

Sara Jafari

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