Syrup is a social design and engagement platform

Issue One


Secretions and wetness are fundamental to human experience. We indulge in the gooey and the juicy, and celebrate the viscosity of ideas. The sticky issue explores a diverse range of interpretations and experiences through writing, image, film, sculpture and illustration.

92 full colour pages


Alicia Tsigarides/Alina Negoita/Ania Mokrzycka/
Dew Kim/Elena Gileva/Moule/Juliette Poggi/
Louise Long/Ruby Rossini/Stella Malfilâtre/
Grace Gibson/Jane Bowyer/Jenny Novitsky/
Lucy Hardcastle/Sara Jafari.


Launch event @ The Nines, Peckham

Syrup Magazine 2020

London SE4 1UW