Syrup is a feminist design and print platform


Novo Foundation 

Testimony creates a platform for the narratives and voices of eight female poets and creative writers who are survivors of sexual abuse or write about the subject matter in order to provoke change.

Testimony was commissioned by the NOVO Foundation as part of the exhibition 'From Violence to a Place of Power' June 2018, Curated by Charlotte Jarvis. 

Tetimony was also shown as part of London Design Festival 2019 at London College of Communcation.

Installtion Designer:
Emily Briselden-Waters

Featured Poets:
Alice Briselden-Waters
Sophia Thakur
Lucy Hall
Rosalind  Weaver
Jamilah Bint-Usman
Ruth Sutoyé
Emma Roberts
Nafeesa Hamid

Syrup Magazine 2020

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